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My Django Assistants Revealed
July 1, 2008, authored by: GF Admin

I really have to plug these links, since they all pretty much secured my transition to Django.  Not to mention, that I'll be back to visit these links as I create new sites.  Dojo deserves a squirrelly response as I struggled all day only to fail miserably.  Tiny MCE...  Hurrah for you.  Quick & Easy.  PHP session integration was necessary to host static webalizer files while keeping privacy for all the co-op members.

Dancin' the Fan-Django
June 30, 2008, authored by: GF Admin

Wow!  Am I surprised how easy it is to develop in Django?  Darn-Tootin'  This stuff was made especially for developers who love dynamic sites but hate to write the same code over and over and over...  I thought Drupal was cool, but Django is the cat's pajama's.  I delved head first into this framework last week.  I'm now in love and it's super.  Not only is it simple, but it's so special that it makes you want to write for re-use.  Everytime I want to add something, open a new feature or just want to try something new, it's there staring me in the face.  If someone has thought of it, it's in Django.

Mailing Lists Added for Member Updates
Jan. 28, 2009, authored by: GF Admin

Mailing lists have been added for better member communication. Visit the subscribe page to add your email to the lists. Currently the lists provide network and service updates. All lists are 'unsubscribe' friendly and are voluntary. We won't keep or sell your info (ever).