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Moving Day: Infrastructure Updates
May 28, 2012, authored by: GF Admin

I started migrating to new infrastructure at Good Function Networks this weekend. I'm using this main portal site as the test bed. The old infrastructure was very much failure prone. I didn't have many failures, but just knowing the gaps stressed me out enough to realize improvements were needed. Some things that are new and improved as all sites move to the new infrastructure are:

  • Puppet Deployments
  • Addition of Test/Dev server(s)
  • Database Redundancy
  • Better Backups

Brief Hosting Outages Addressed
Aug. 8, 2009, authored by: GF Admin

Good Function Networks suffered some intermittent website outages over the past few days (August 6-7).  The intermittent outages were specifically limited to sites who are hosted on one of the MySQL databases.   The problem has been fixed and outages should no longer be experienced.

Django 1.0.2 Port & Other Miscellany
Feb. 24, 2009, authored by: GF Admin

I completed the port to django 1.0.2 this past weekend and addressed some needed bugs in the process.  Django certainly is a solid framework.  Among the fixes: single sign-on is coming closer to reality and password resets are more user-friendly.